FixMyPod will recycle or reuse your old unwanted or non-functioning device.  We begin by

diagnosing your device. If the device can be reused or if parts can be salvaged,

                                                                    We will make you a cash offer.

                                                                    If the item you bring in is unusable or beyond repair

                                                                    we will responsibly recycle it in an environmentally-friendly manner.

                                                                    Visit Us Today to recycle your cellphone, tablet or MP3 player.

                                                                    We can also offer Trade-Ins and Trade-Ups, depending on inventory.



Come in or call us to find out what we have available. Trade your old, broken device for a working phone.

Can't unlock your phone? We might be able to trade you your phone for the same model from a different carrier.


    Upgrade your device with us and save money.